Aeon Cosmowyn.

Welcome to the artist page of Aeon Cosmowyn.

Aeon Cosmowyn was born in Heerlen, The Netherlands (1989). Having his first musical inspiration in the Hip-hop and Metal scene, he started writing his own Rhymes and Riffs and composed numerous furious metal tracks ever since.

It was after getting in touch with the psychedelic culture in 2010 when he shook of his anger and got onto a spiritual journey with his mind and music. As he discovered a new dimension in music, Electronic, his musical compositions started to evolve into what is now known as the Aeon Cosmowyn project.

Inspired by festival dancefloors, from cosmic insights and being in nature, his productions are the musical translation of these experiences. Aeon Cosmowyn’s sound can be described as entrancing psybient with a message of love and hope.

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